Who Are We

H&S is a multifaceted progressive company, head-quartered out of Dubai has its presence in Turkey, Middle East, New Zealand, Africa. We provide tailored solutions to our customers to support them in their business. We have a strong relationship with our partners. We always seek a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners and customers.


What We Do

We are constantly developing our capabilities and are evolving new strategies to serve you better. We also create alliances and joint-ventures to give a more tailored and appropriate solution to our clients.

  • Engineered Solutions

  • Commodities

  • Disribution & Agency

  • Investments


Due to our inherent nature to think differently, we challenge regular thinking and create technical and commercial solutions which are unconventional. We seek new ways to add value to our customers. We have developed innovative products and are constantly bringing solutions which will simplify and enhance the quality of the community we serve.


Why choose us?

we’re the best.


Design flexibility

Modular designs make our solutions flexible and economical.

Cost reduction

We work towards a cost effective solution.


We bank on reliable solutions only.

Energy saving

This is our key objective.

Eco friendly

Eco-friendly technology.

Noise free

With minimal noise pollution.

Product Catalog

We provide top quality products that are customized for each of our customers needs

Our Brands